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This may have to last
draft 3
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This may have to last
draft 2
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This may have to last
draft 1
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Halcyon overtone Click to view

It looks like gasoline.

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Dynamic range


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Swerving N.M.


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While the ground steadily thunders and an orange sun confuses the evening with long and hazy shadows,
casting slow motion moments. People drip through, pushing the moment in just one direction.
Breathing in delivers a short cold pause. Makes getting down easier.

When backpedaling makes you speed up.

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A place of work Click to view
Personne ne bouge Click to view
Fail Epic Click to view
Graceful disposition

Brakes on, downhill.

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3D Rescue

Vertex 3D printer to the rescue!

My girlfriends eyeshadow box had a broken lid -> quickly design and
print a new (bright orange) lid with miniscule working snap hinge.

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