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3D Rescue

Vertex 3D printer to the rescue!

My girlfriends eyeshadow box had a broken lid -> quickly design and
print a new (bright orange) lid with miniscule working snap hinge.

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Dead bug style

Connecting a 24 pin surface mounted ADC IC on a incompatible 20 pin footprint.
Dead bug style.

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A painting by N.M.

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Adding layers

Oversized 3D printed modio robot.

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Part of Charlie Foxtrot series.

Work in progress.

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Raytrace that

Gravitational lensing!

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“Built-in signal reshaping circuit, after wave reshaping to the next driver, ensure wave-form distortion not

Prototype of an experimental modular 16 x 16 modular serial RGB LED display.

– Schematic & PCB design
– Prototyping (hand soldering 768 SMD components per panel)

© Velleman 2014

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Little drunk selection of cellphone pictures.

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Hover / Linger

Get up.

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Re Cycle

Old broken bikes.

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Oh My God!

Oh my god, I built Kenny!!!

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Old Mongoose

I rebuilt an old Mongoose Rockadile MTB, getting ready for summer!

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Sense of urgency

I should take more pictures.

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